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Episode #162 of OWS focused on the rainmaker phenomenon and how to create it in your world. Well, we just saw a movie that was  a MindBlowing  example of the RainMaker principles we just discussed in action.

In theaters now, The Founder tells the story behind how McDonald’s got started and how the man whose name we associate with it, Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), envisioned, hustled, (conned)  and willed it into being. While set mostly in the 1950s, the story was very relevant to right now. Our economy is morphing into this thing which is going to force you to leverage your creativity, problem solving and persistence. You’re going to have to be an engaging, dominant, motivating risk-taker (remember the four metrics we gave you on ep162?) . You’re going to need to be a RainMaker.

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Here are some of our  “Aha” moments  from the movie:

You Are Whatever You Say You Are

*Eminem voice* 😂Ray Kroc was a man who did not mind selling a fantasy. He literally took the reality-bending to the point where by 1970, he’d rewritten history to erase the McDonald brothers entirely and claims he himself founded the business in Des Plaines, IL. What Kroc gets, what Trump supporters get, what fake news sites get, what business tycoons and athletes and entertainers have always gotten, is that America is the land in which you ARE what you say you are. When you dare to claim it, it’s not that you’re setting yourself up to have to prove it- no, it’s more like you’re daring the sheep to call 🐂💩. And hate it or leverage it, we live in a society where few will accept the challenge (exactly why the Trump presidency scares so many who have no plan).

Rules Don’t Always Apply.

And as we’re learning in the early days of the Trump administration, so many of the rules we thought were unbreakable are, when push comes to shove, actually just suggestions 😩😂😂. No one has even been able to force Trump to divest and avoid super obvious conflicts of interest yet. Can you imagine what petty, tiny things he’s getting away with? Call it: “The Audacity of Ego”.


That moment you tell your jerky boss you’re “at the end of your rope”

Well, back to the movie lol, that’s a reality this movie version of Ray Kroc knows well. In one scene, Kroc had agreed to a ironclad contract suggestion😂from the McDonald brothers that he no longer deemed “fair”. When they aren’t willing to renegotiate this contract suggestion after he decides he needs a bigger cut, he gets crazy- like a fox.

After an insight from a bookkeeper makes him see he should really look at himself as being a landlord, not a burger man- the McDonald brothers are later left looking impotent & frustrated when after six years of working with the McDonalds and finding their ambition ultimately falling short of his own, he elected to buy them out and become the owner (in 1961). He even renamed his real estate leasing company The McDonald’s Corporation. In the movie Kroc acknowledges that the brothers could sue him and win, but they couldnt afford to do so because he’d bury them in legal costs. He even went back on his handshake deal to give the McDonald brothers a 1% share of the company’s profits in perpetuity. In all cases, Kroc is banking on the unenforceable nature of the “rules” and the inability of his opponents to hold him to account. The strategy works when Kroc pulled it and it works today (again, see: Trump).

"...but that's NOT my name!"

“…say my name…say my name” #AlternativeFacts

A single success can sweep away everything else.

We NOW remember Ray Kroc as the man behind the largest and most successful restaurant empire in the world, BUT before McDonald’s, Ray Kroc was just a 52 year-old unsuccessful milkshake mixer salesman.

We see him rejected by drive-in owner after restaurant owner. We watch his country club counterparts make fun of him for his history of trying to get them to invest in dead-end products. Even the bankers he approaches for funding to build the first McDonald’s franchise are shown laughing & teasing him about his past flops. But millionaires, one thing this film and any study of great accomplishment shows: It only takes one win to reshape your entire historical legacy and blot out what came before. No one will care that you were laughed at, teased, rejected and ignored. The world loves a winner and while no one said it would be easy, we’re betting it’s worth it. Today the empire feeds 1% of the population what is now pretty much  poison.

How will YOU use a principle from this list without hurting others? Let’s Mastermind! #WeAreMillionaireMinded


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